• Rain Dog

    Art & Design

    Traditional pencil illustration and digitally crafted design.

  • Pencil


    High end, hand drawn illustrations based on the clients' own photographs and stories.

  • Amazing



    Designing layouts, producing graphics, and developing styles for web and print communication.

Art handcrafted

With one hand in fine art and another in design, Rain Dog Art & Design is able to produce the finest handcrafted and digital art.

Digital Design

Neat and clean pre-press work. Pixel perfect web graphics. Clean digital and handcrafted illustrations.

Responsive Design

Design based on your business communication needs, while maintaining your brand identity.

Print Design

We have established relationships with trade printers to ensure that your job is printed with the highest quality, while staying competitively priced. And we manage the process from concept all the way to delivery—taking the worry and hassle off your hands.

Quality First

We aim for the highest quality product while producing within your budget and timeline.


We communicate our process throughout the relationship and modify art and final pieces to our design and your liking.

Why Rain Dog

A 'Rain Dog' is a dog that was caught in the rain, with its whole trail washed away by the water so he can't get back home. A stranded dog. One who wants nothing better than to get home. And when you can't get home, you create home with new loves, new friends and new dreams.

Michael Rambach is an artist and graphic designer with 20 years experience in portrait and design commissions. Working traditionally in pencil drawn illustrations and digitally crafted design for clients across the country. A specialty is high end, hand drawn illustrations based on the clients' own photographs and stories. Portraits are hand drawn on cold press 2200 illustration board suitable for framing. Digital design is available and built in Adobe Creative Suite.

Rain Dog Art & Design works closely with The Pickle Ship for artisan letterpress printing.

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